[SFTP] "No such file" error on Download from template

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Published on 8 Mar (12 days ago) by Hugo Jesus
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Published on 8 Mar (12 days ago) by Hugo Jesus

After successfully logging in to the server (using your SFTPSample), I successfully uploaded a file to the server. However, I am not able to download that file. Instead, a feedback message with the error "No such file" pops up when I click the "Download" button.

Can you help me with this situation?

Many thanks,
Nuno Santos
Hi Nuno,

Make sure you're using the full path of the file when invoking the Get action, e.g. /folder1/folder2/file.ext

Hi there Paulo,

I've already solved the issue, it was indeed a missing "/" at the end of the path. A simple "between" issue, if you know what I mean. :P

Thank you,
Nuno Santos
Cool, glad you solved it! :)

please tell me how to do it, I also encountered the same problem.