XLIFF integration

Hello Community members,

Has anyone worked on XLIFF documents in OutSystems? I want to create records using XLIFF documents and also I want to export my reports in XLIFF format. How to do this?

Suraj Borade
Not me, but if you can provide links about the documents..

perhaps there is an .net library for it etc.

btw, isn't xliff just xml, so it should be easy?

Hi J,

Here you can read about XLIFF. I have never worked on XLIFF. Today I got requirement from client that they want to create records from XLIFF documents. So I am searching.


If it is same like XML,can we use XML controls present in OutSystems?

Suraj B
well, it looks like xml, so I guess.
but i would look for some .net library or so to make it easier.