REST service with static cookie for authentication

I am struggling with consuming a REST API using the platform.  I have an API endpoint such as https://<domain>/api/xyz.  the API expects a cookie called "ticket" with the static value key that I have.  In .NET I would normally do this by creating a new Cookie with name = "ticket" value = "my key" path = "/" and domain = <domain>.

In the platform I have set up a REST call with the proper URL but I cannot get the cookie into the REST call.  I have tried using "SetCookie" from the HTTPRequestHandler extension using the cookie name, value, path, and domain that I use in .NET.  I have tried it in the preparation phase before the API call and I have tried to create us the  "OnBeforeRequest" action.  No luck with any of these attempts.

Any ideas what I might be missing?
Hi Jason,

The HTTPRequestHandler does not affect the Consume REST APIs, it is used for affect the current request, not one that you are creating.

To add cookies the best way is to use the OnBeforeRequestAdvance and add them in C# just like you are used to. See the documentation here on how to get to the Request object in an extension.

João Rosado