how to keep same presentation from editable table when inside popup window ?

Every time I insert a Editable table inside a popup layout I have problems. I would like it keep the same way to present the data when on London layout. However, the popup only shows the description and doesn´t matter if I increase the width.  How to show the same way on both screens ?
Hi Luciano,

It's probaly a css problem. Can you share the oml? 

Best regards,
Of course André.  I have just created a new one to show the way the problem is common. You can see the popup screen when you click on tasks icon.
Hi Luciano,

The  Editable table has been affected by the responsive layout, since the the popup not fit the width.  

You need to set the popup width to a value that allows the content to be fully displayed. You also have to set the width of the .MainPopup css class for the popup webscreen. I've some adjust in your oml, see the attachment.

Hope it helps,

Hi André,
   following your oml file I set the widthPX with popup editor and the screen behaviour worked well. I had problems when I set .mainpopup together. I don´t know why. However everything is fine now.

I've no idea too, maybe the browser rendering... don't forget to test in all browsers just to be sure. But nice to know it worked :)