Decrypt Password?

Decrypt Password?

Hi All,

I have configured an authentication using Google OAuth 2.0.

1. Validate the user login via Google and have the User Details via Token response
2. Get the email from the token and compare this to the user records with the same email.
3. Get the user record and have his username and password.
4. Login the user to the application.

Now the question is for number 3. The User_Login function from the Users eSpace (System) expects a text value for the password not the hashed one. How can I pass the password given that I fetched it from the database (via User Record) where it is already hashed?

I was able to accomplish the task using system action 'Login' instead of 'User_Login'. But I still need more testing for I get 'Invalid Login' for non-admin account or users of another tenant.

Hi JC,

If you need to login in another tenant you need to call the TenantSwitch to the correct tenant action before doing the Login.

João Rosado
Thanks Joao. It works now. The only complain that I have is that the action TenantSwitch clears the session. I had to workaround it also. :)