Connecting to external oracle DB with user/session info

Hi All,

We have a project that connects to an external oracle database, that when establishes a connection to the database, needs to identify the user that is logged in the application to execute a function that sets several session database variables (that are used in triggers and in other objects). We can not make a function/SP to pass the user because all of the database logic is already implemented.
The tests that we have been doing shows the same user session info in the database, that is the runtime user configured in the Database Connection.
Any one have an idea to do this, or knows the solution for this requirement?


Hi Miguel,

Check if the DatabaseConnection_SetConnectionStringForSession api from the PlatformRuntime_API extension meets your requirements. You will still need to know the user credentials of the current user to be able to create the connection string, so not sure if that is really an option.

João Rosado