Outsystems Now: source code out of date and is broken! - update/fix soon?

I noticed Outsystems has not been updated "Outsystems Now" source code since iOS 6?

The latest iOS version is iOS v9.2, the current (old) Outsystems Now source code, is broken!

Will we see an update/fix in the future? if so, when?
Hi Robert,

I'm not sure if I understand your question. 
The current version of OutSystems Now available on github is up to date. Also, it's the same version that is available on Apple Store.
When you're saying that the current version of OutSystems Now is iOS 6 instead of 9.2, are you talking about the Deployment Target?
If you are talking about the Deployment Target, the latest version of OutSystems Now have iOS 7.0 as Deployment Target in order to be available for most iOS devices (iPhone 4 only supports iOS 7). 
If not, could you be more specific, please?

Luís Silva

I can see what is wrong with the outsystems now source code via xcode debugger 

When a user click on "Try our demo" it 
is suppose to load the outsystems now demo page, however it does not load the demo page; the outsystems now app does not contain the URL to the outsystems now demo web app page.

Fixing this demo URL should allow the app to function correctly.

The 100+ warning messages about deprecated methods - for most parts this would not affect the core functionality of the app, so we can either ignore this, fix it ourself or wait until outsystems to fix and update the source code? 

Hi Robert,

The URL of the demo environment is not available for the opensource version of OutSystems Now code. If you check the code, the provided URL is something like: your.demo.server.

About the warning messages, those are directly related with the Cordova source-code (Cordova core and Cordova plugins). As you may know, Cordova is a open-source framework and you can fix it by yourself or update it if you want. Moreover, we can garantee you that none of them will affect the performance of your application.

However, we are going to publish a new version of OutSystems Now with several updates (Cordova included) in the next weeks.

Luís Silva