Static entities in Integration Studio

Hey folks, 

I'm making an extension that accesses the Reddit API. There are two filters in the API that I could use a static entity for - namely, sorting on timespan and vote count. Is it possible to add a static entity in IS or should I just make it in the Service Studio and pass the value as a parameter to the Integration Studio? 

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Hi Robrecht,

You can't define or use static entities in Integration Studio.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the reply! I created static entities in the Service Studio and am passing them as a parameter. I haven't used them so far, but it should work. 
Yeah, the only downside is that in the extension you have to hard code the values passed. I'd advise to have the static entities with an Id that's a text attribute with a sensible code. You don't want to have to interpret an autonumber on the extension side...
Thanks for the tip. I was under the impression (and looking at the Static Entity in Service Studio, it seems to be the case, though I'm not sure) that the Record IDs are based on the label given when the record is created. Is this not the case? 
No, what you are seeing in Service Studio is the label you use when programming. By default the Id is an auto number.
I didn't realize the difference between StaticEntity.Id and StaticEntity.Identifier, my bad. Do you know how to change the ID field of a Static Entity? As far as I can tell there is no way to quickly modify it - maybe with an SQL statement? 

Thanks again for all the help :) 

If the static entity is already in the database, but you're not using it yet in other entities, the easiest way is to copy/paste the entity and delete the old one (and rename the new one to the old name). Also, drop the entity in the database. Then make your changes and publish.
Ah, I didn't realize I could edit the Id in the data tab. Thanks again! 
Yeah, you can :) I'd advise to call it "Code" or the like instead of "Id" so it's clear that it isn't an integer autonumber.