How can I see who have accessed or visited my application with date and time?

I need to see who have accessed or visited my application with date and time in Production version.

Can I download some user log or something similar?
Hi Brajesh,

I think you will need to implement this. I don't know a built-in engine of Outsystems Platform that logs the users access for each application.. In Users table you have the Last_Login date time attribute, but this not says exactly in which application the login was done. 

In Analytics section of Service Center you can find some information about access, but nothin specific as you wish.

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Can't even I get any clue of who all have visited my application in past?

By any chance Can see through Database tables or something similar? Will be much appreciated!
Hi Brajesh,

User entity from system stores such logs. Please try getting contents from that entity.

Check screenshot.
Hi Suraj, 

Thank you for your reply!

This entity provides active users and that too with last login date time details only. 

My requerment is different. 
Let say: User A have accessed my application some time in past and now he is not longer available, he is removed from the application's users app.

Now, I want to see when and which pages he actualy visited when he was an active user.
To get that kind of detail you definitely need to implement it yourself.  A web block that is in the header of every page would be a good way to do it.  That web block can add records to an entitiy you create to track whatever you need.  Note that if you have a lot of users accessing a lot of web screens the amount of data will grow very quickly.  Once you are recording the data you can create a web screen to search it and display results.

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