user Logging in outsystems

user Logging in outsystems

Hi All,
I'm stuck in Production issue where i need to pull out list of all user's who accessed my application in production.
I have user's who was logged in from our company domain and i can not find them in users table

Hi Priyanka,

How are you retrieving these logged users? Your application has Users as Userprovider? Which is your authentication type (AD, LDAP is Windows Integrated Authentication) ?

We need more details so we can help you with this.

Hi Andre',
im not aware how i can retrieve these logged users.
I use AD authentication in production.But not sure which table holds these records.

not sure by what you mean by  Users as Userprovider? 
we have added users in user's applocation and everytime any one in our domain, logs in application, it adds it to user aplication.

sorry if im not clear .please do ask for more details

When a user logs in an application, actually it is loggin in the User Provider (see this link to know more about single sign-on and user providers).

Each time a user logs in for the first time, a User record is created in the Users table for that user provider set for the application. So if the was user never logged in, it not exists in the Users table yet.

As I've said before, you'll have to implement some logic to log the users access, but as far as I know, Outsystems Platform do not have a feature that retrieves the logged users (I really wish to know if there is).

Hope it helps.