OutSystems developers - user groups?

OutSystems developers - user groups?

Are there any OutSystems developers in (/ somewhat close to) Central Florida who might periodically get together to seek out the benefits of networking/interacting with each other? Any interested in doing so? How about other areas around the world - do you know of any?
Outside of Lisbon, Portugal and possibly Brazil there doesn't appear to be enough critical mass in any geographic area to make this work. There have been a few attempts over the years and also attempts at online user groups but nothing signficant that I know have has materialized.  I believe there are at least two reasons.

1) A small developer community - this is obvious from the few posts a day that are in the Forums
2) Difficult to find knowledgable presenters with time to prepare something (for example, I would love to do this but cannot devote the time needed for free)

I think you'll have to wait a few years for the community to grow significantly and I certainly hope it does.


Thanks, Curt!
Hi Steve, I live near Tampa and would be happy to travel to central Florida to help kick one off in your neck of the woods, I will buy the pizza too! I can deliver a session called, OutSystems, a more efficient way to build apps. All we need is a venue and we can schedule a date. Let me know if you have any ideas on the venue. I am Russ Fustino, director of developer evangelism at OutSystems. I believe Curt is correct and this may be the first one in the country! Another first for the Orlando area.
Thank you! When I get back in town after Christmas, let me try to figure out how we might make this a reality.
Sure thing! Happy holidays Steve!

Steve, I live in the Northeast. I'll be in the Orlando area in February 17th - 24th. If you plan it then I would gladly attend. I spoke at NextStep on using OutSystems for BI with some citizen developer info I could repeat the presentation.

Hi @steve, How do these dates work for you to kick off this group? Feb 17 or 23 or 24? We have a great speaker @David that volunteered to kick it off. I can also do a quick intro to OutSystems dev for those new to it and buy the pizza! Do you have any ideas for a venue?I will be attending the South Florida Code Camp on the weekend of Feb 18-20. Will you be attending that? I will be doing a session on OutSystems, OutSystems Now and the Silk UI. LMK
Russ and David, wow! I hope you're having a great new year! I am a little amazed that you are so responsive and so quickly; what a blessing. I only relatively recently switched from Systems Administration to joining a team to learn how to code (I had not since middle school). So, at this juncture, I am ashamed to say I would be more on the receiving end than as much able to 'give' quite yet. I have been to some Camps (Wordcamp, and they have a Barcamp out here & in Miami), but I have not been & will not yet go to that code camp. I did also go to a .NET user group that is able to actually use Orlando City Hall, a fairly nice venue. That might be a great place to try this, and I would do my best to ensure myself and any of the few other guys on my team go. Feb 17 or Feb 24 would work well for me, and I would love to meet you two.
@Russ & David: do you have a preference for daytime or evening? Depending on that, Feb 17 might be harder (if evening) than Feb 24, but not impossible. It also would help me be able to research (maybe with you Russ?) Orlando City Hall or some other potential venues I have in mind.
Actually, Feb 24 now looks like I will be traveling back from a conference on the west coast, so let's shoot for Feb 17 in the evening. @Steve and @David, please email me to discuss logistics. rusell.fustino@outsystems.com I can contact Ken Tucker for possible access to city hall and maybe do a joint meeting with his Mobile dev group as a possibility too. Anyway, lets take this disscussion off of the forums and use email for the rest. Thanks!
@Russ: That e-mail address comes back undeliverable (reference http://bit.ly/undeliverable), but I clicked on your name & sent you a private message via the link in your profile.
yup.. i missed an s, s/b russell.fustino@outsystems.com
Wednesday the 17th    I just need to be back in Kissimee/Disney by 7:30 pm.
I coudk do most mornings 
Thursday the 18th afternoon/evening is open

Let's solidify the date, time and place. I can ping my sales rep at OS to have them reach out to the Florida area rep and see if they can put the word out. We should get them to buy the pizza. :-)

Thanks David! Steve and I will work on the venue and date/time. Much appreciated and we will get back to you soon.
Hey guys, that's great...!
Hi, everyone! If you're interested in joining us remotely for this group meetup in about 2 days - you can!
It will be Thu., Feb. 18th, from 5:00 p.m. through 7:30 p.m. (EST) -- the link to join us remotely will be in the event description at https://goo.gl/wW2hec