New Performance Analytics not working in one Environment

New Performance Analytics not working in one Environment

We recently began the process of upgrading our environments from 9 to 9.1...We were very keen on trying out the new performance analytics.  I've upgraded Lifetime, which is in it's own environment and the Development environment without encountering any problems last week.  This Monday I installed the new version in our Test environment and deployed from Dev to Test.  I encountered an issue when trying to view the analytics screen for Test in Lifetime. When I select the Test Environment in the Analytics screen, I get routed to the old PerformanceMonitor page, not the LifeTimeAnalytics application.  
Hi Marco,

We encountered the same problems. It seems that the analytics only work well if *all* environments are on 9.1.
Hello Marco and Kilian,

LifeTime Analytics should work even if you don't have some of the environment upgraded, since LifeTime "asks" the environment if it supports the new Analytics way of working.

Unfortunately, it seems that we've missed soething, judging from your experience. Sorry for the trouble.

Could you engage with support for us to see the problem? 

Hi Pedro,

All our environments are on 9.1 currently, and we no longer have the problem. We'll see what happens when upgrading to 10 :).
Ok Killian, thanks anyway.

Can you tell me in which version exacly you were upgrading from and to which you were upgrading to?
Hi Pedro,

I'd have to ask my collegues, but it was already a while ago, so I'm not sure whether they can still recall the details.
Ah, indeed. I didn't noticed the data of the post. A colleague mentioned it to me today.

Well, thanks anyway Killian!
I just asked a collegue, and he recalls problems both when upgrading from 8 to 9.0 and from 9.0 to 9.1. In both cases, the server running LifeTime ran the latest platform version (so we upgraded that one first).