Upload file doesn't work

Hi everyone! I followed the steps of this topic http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/6967/how-to-have-a-webblock-to-upload-a-file/ and I already checked almost all topics I could find but my upload file still not working!

My project: Every employee can upload his own CV. 

What I did until now:
- Created an CV entitie with Content(Binary Data), Name(Text) and Type(Text);
- Employee entitie has his own attributes and the CVId attribute;
- On the webscreen I have the UploadFile widget and the Upload Button wich is marked as "Submit" and the destination is the action Upload;
- The webscreen also has a local variable called TempCV and his data type is a CV Record;
- In the Upload action I have an assign that fills the TempCV attributes (CV.Name, CV.Content, CV.Type) with the Upload widget information (Name, Content, Type);
- After that I have the CreatOrUpdateCV action and the source is the current CV that I get from the preparation;
- Then I update the Employee and give a feedback_message.

What is the problem?  The upload widget information (Name, Content, Type) are coming empty! 

Any suggestion??

Hi Vitor,

Make sure the button that triggers the upload has type Submit. Ajax Submit does *not* work with upload widgets.
Hello, its already on Submit mode. I fixed the problem: The upload widget was inside a table records and thats why didnt work!