Is OutSystems shutting down the business?

Hello People,

With lots of frustration I am writing this.

From 24-Nov-2015, our support tickets are not getting answered. We are not getting any e-mail responses. Also when we call to OutSystems, they are not answering properly.

Is anything wrong going inside? Our license is getting expired so we are thinking whether to continue with this platform or not because we have never experienced such stupid customer service and we are  really in mess. Also not getting any online help to resolve the bugs. 

Are other people's support tickets getting answered properly???

Sorry for my language.

Suraj Borade, India
My tickets have been getting answered just fine.

Hi Suraj,

We're sorry you are experiencing this frustration. Clearly this is not how we want our customers to feel when doing business with us. 

We're collecting all the info to see exactly what is going on - right now, we can't find any cases open recently for you or your company. We'll be in touch shortly to get more context and see where we might have missed something. 

Sorry to hear you're hurting
- Gonçalo, a worried member of the Customer Experience team