Input fields set to mandatory not working

Input fields set to mandatory not working


Hi Community!

I have set a few input fields with the Mandatory = true and variables associated to them. I have no errors on the eSpace but when I'm using the application on the browser, the fields can be left blank as if they were not mandatory (wich is not the case!).

And can't seem to understand why are they not mandatory even though I have the property set to to True.
(attached file with image of problem)

Any one has any idea why?
Thanks you!

Hi Carlos,

Can you share the oml? If the property is set to True, so probaly you are doing something wrong on submit.

Hi André!

Just attached the file. In the button I have some validations (just deleted the connections if all is ok) because the mandatory property isn't working.

Thank you!
Hi Carlos,

The submit method of your button is set to Ajax and the validation to Server. You need to change the validation to Client & Server or change the method to Submit and it will works fine.

Hope it helps 

It's working! :)
Thank you André!

I had a different logic (hence the Ajax Submit) and completely forgot about it when I changed.