Error installing Outsystems Now


Trying to setup apps for our users to get through Outsystems Now but I've come to a hicup along the way.

When installing the component Outsystems Now I get this error:
Empty Solution: Failed to publish 'Outsystems_Now' solution because it is empty, or all modules have confilcts.

Am I missing something? Or is it just bugged?

Thank you!

I mostly get those errors if i try to install components or dependencies that does not support the platform version. 
If you have v9.0 and downloading the 9.1 version of history you will get that kind of issue.

Check out the history versions of OutSystems Now and download the one that matches your version.

Hi Niels,

After the upgrade to the platform everything's ok.
Kinda of a rookie mistake to not look to the versions..... :/

TY for the help!