Can anyone tell me how to pass parameter in email body like user name, link or anything else 

HI Tarun,

Here you have some example tou you compose a email. You can use or the session.Username to get the name of the user (if is that what you want) or via parameters the name, or something else.

Then you can prepare it in preparation or use the parameters in the email screen.

and how to genarate link in email. such as when u click on the link it should go to certain page in outsystem such as reset password page 

Can you explain what you don't understand? You are asking overly broad questions.
my query is along with parameters ,how to generate link . 


I still don't understand. An e-mail is just like a web screen - you can put a link in it just as on a screen.
ok i want to generate random number along with that link
Use the GenerateGuid System action.
How can i get  a username in email .to determine which user has send the mail 
Tarun Kumar wrote:
How can i get  a username in email .to determine which user has send the mail 
 You can get the username using the Session.Username
ok will try and then will let you Know.
Hi Tarun,

Add emailid input parameter in your email screen and write a simple query / advance query in its preparation to fetch user name using email.

Sagar Nannaware
Hi Tarun,

What username do you want? As Luis already said, Session.Username contains the username of the currenty logged in user.
Hi Tarun,

First of all, stop including these enormously large images in the body of the text. Either attach them or leave the out entirely, as they don't seem to add much.

Also, your questions have nothing to do with OutSystems. This is basic programming. I'll help you one more time, but I'm not spending my time here to babysit would-be programmers.

You were already including a GUID in the link to the password page. This is a unique number that you assigned when you sent the e-mail to the user. Are you telling me you really don't see a way to connect this number to the user requesting the reset?
no sir

,thanx for ur help ,

guid and email sending working fine now  :)

Redirect to reset password  page is also working.

But how to check whether we are resetting the  password for the correct user because redirecting does not

determine which user we are resetting password for.

When you send the e-mail, you know the user who requested the password reset, right? And you generate the GUID to be included in the link. So you know that whomever accesses the reset page with that GUID is the user that you sent the e-mail to when generating the GUID. So you need to store the combination of user + GUID somewhere, ideally also with a timestamp so it's only valid for a certain amount of time. Then when a user accesses the reset page with that GUID, you check whether that's a valid reset by checking the GUID etc. And that's the last thing I've said about it.