how to add photo uploader container to new contact detail form?

hi all
i trid to put a link in this post didnt work al the ways i tried(also copy and pas not works !!). an way i was able to add image to Edit contact details form
but i can not figur out how to add photo uploader to new contact details form
any one can show me how to do it.

Hi Siyamand,

I'm not sure what your question is. What do you mean by "photo uploader"?
Thanks for the reply.
for example i want to create a form to add employee information to a database like name, phone number, address, and photo for the employee. There should be an object to put the photo of the employee and display .

as my knowledge about database and website the best practice is to save the photos on folder and keep the url entity only inside database in order to keep database size low

how you do this
thanks again
Hi Siyamand,

For uploading the photo, use the Upload widget. For displaying it, use the Image widget.

thank you for your reply,
i added a uploader widget but its not uploading photos, for sure i need to do more things after adding the widget

could you please explain how to do this ... if there is a video or screen shoot will be better.

many thanks
Hi Siyamad,

I'm sure there's a tutorial somewhere that explains the upload widget.
The Employee Onboarding application located here - - provides all the functionality you need for managing employees, including uploading and displaying photos.

Hope this helps,