Hi guys. I'm trying to use the xmlRecords extension. I'm trying to deserialize using xmlToRecordList. I think the structure is setup correct. I don't get any errors but all the records in the structure end up blank. The xml is just a sample, I will be getting it via rest. I have tried it with and without the xsl_transform. I don't know if that part is necessary but either way the result is same. All records blank. Can someone have a look at it and see what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
Okay this is what I did to get it working.
1. Removed the xsl_transform. It was unnecessary.
2. Renamed my root element to <RecordList>
3. Changed my record list variable to be data type of 2nd level structure instead of the original root. I was able to delete the structure that was for the root element since its no longer used.

Seems like the the default is to bypass the root element but only if it is named <RecordList>. It doesn't want to read the data if it lives in a multi level structure and the root is named something else.