best method to create and insert data into tables

Im new to outsystems and trying to knock up a POC to test some features. I want to be able to check an order table and see how many orders have been recieved for an item and test this against an allowed amount. based on this result if the current number of orders is less than the allowed amount i want to insert a new order into a planned order table to be manually review (dates etc) before committing this order as a new order.

I would normally do this with a stored procedure to insert rows based on values from other tables. What is the optimal solution in outsystems and are there any examples / guides around this.

thanks in advance

Hi Gordon,

If I understand correctly you ant to populate a planning entity with items from an order entity? Assuming that there's no predictability in receiving orders and you want the planning to be as full as possible, I'd create a timer that runs regularly (e.g. once an hour) and that checks the planning load and adds orders if it's too low.

If, on the other hand, you want to plan every order in advance, regardless of the current planning queue, you could check when creating an order, and plan it immediately. Or, check as soon as an item on the planning is marked as done whether there are any items left in the order queue and plan them accordingly.

That said, an order/planning system like this is of course especially suited for using BPT (OutSystem's business process technology), but that's a bit too advanced if you're running a POC :).

thanks for the quick replay. The initiation of the planned orders will be via a button the user will press. ie. create planned orders. The system will look at each persons allowance of items and generate a planned order for each line item. i.e. person A has an allocated allowance of  5 widgets and 10 thingies. He already has orders for 3 widgets and 5 thingies so the system would create a single planned order (header) with 2 lines (1 for 2 widgets and 1 for 5 thingies). These orders can then be viewed and dates updated before approval and made into real orders. Is the process technology the best way to build this?. Can i build copies / inserts / updates in the process side?. It would be useful if their are sexamples of this.


Hi Gordon,

Yes, BPT is very suited for this, but unfortunately there are not many training vids or examples lying around - I'm not sure why, but OS likes to keep it a bit of a secret...
ha.. typical.. i suppose it aids in the development of consultancy and training work. I have a background in Database design and dBA so its easy for me to develop all this in the database and/or use SQL but i would like to at least try to test out its capabilities in the BPT area. 
Yeah, I think that that is one of the reasons, if not the main one :). BPT is really great, we're using it in various applications.

apologies for the ad hoc question but i have done some messig around and i can seem to get drop down menus working. Do you know of any videos or detailed notes covering this. I want to build a top level menu which is static text and the drop downs then link to screens. I cant get this to work no matter what i have tried.. im getting really frustrated :)


Hi Gordon,

Unfortunately I don't know whether there's anything covering it. I've not used the OS menus very often. I'd advise you to start a new topic, there's bound to be someone who does know about it.
cheers..all sorted with help from Ramos.. my espace was messed up as i changed themes mid stream and deleted the wrong things :(. Starting to learn the dependencies with this tool ..