Hello everyone, I have been trying to add an Excel file to the app, but on the homepage i have a dropdown menu, and it won't add it to the app, but that is the main item of the app. does someone have an idea on how to make this work? i will add the excel file so you guys can try and help me, if you like. it has to be that the drop down menu is the main page and the items in the drop down menu are the pages, so that if you click on the items, you will see the diffrent items of the item in the dropdown menu. (sorry if it isn't totally clear...)
Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately, it's not clear at all. Could you please explain your specific problem?
What i'm trying to do is make page 3 of the document to be the homepage, and that from that page you can go to the diffrent items in the list. unfortunateley, i get the error that page 3 is not possible to be placed in the app. and that is the problem.
Mmm, I still don't entirely get it. What are you trying to do, convert the Excel to an app? Or are you thinking that the platform can automagically convert the Excel to an app?
i am trying to convert the excel to the app
Ok, but then it's totally not clear what you are trying to do in Outsystems that doesn't work. What have you done so far?
I have tried adding the excel file to the app, just as the way done at the introduction, with the contacts, but then i get the error that the column headers in page 3 have to be unique, and i don't know how to solve that.

I think you're going about this the wrong way. You Excel is more like a complete app, and you can't expect that to work. "Adding the Excel file to the app", as you call it, is only meant to quickly bootstrap your datamodel, but I'd really advise against it. It's far better practice to model everything by hand.