How to display dynamic data into columns strucure

Hi Everyone,

I am having a similar requirement as shown in the below link.

I have gone through the page. In that the restaurants data is statically given in columns.
But I want to display the restaurants data dynamically. I need the same responsive behaviour as in the above link , so i need to use columns, but i don't know how to display dynamic data into columns.

Please help me.

Hi Salini,

Basically, you can't, at least not without some trickery. The problem is that the Columns3 needs three fixed pieces of content to fill the Column1, Column2 and Column3 place holders. Also, Columns3 only gets you a single row, but obviously if you have more data you need more than three rows.

The solution could be to wrap the Column3 into a TableRecords. I've attached a small sample of how it could be done.
Thanks Killan, I will try and let you know. Thanks once again.
Thanks a lot Kilian. Its working. :)
Hi Salini,

Glad I could be of help.