Getting ROWID in advance query

Getting ROWID in advance query


I am not able to get the rowId of next query with error "Column is ambigous" and I cannot specify the table from which I want the rowid


Hi Carlos,

Why cannot specify the table?

Can you give an example of the results that you want?

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Marco Rodrigues
Table structure does not matter, I want to get the rowid for TABLE1 that matched the join. I expected a result like 100 102 103 ... The problem is that platform show an error because it cannot define if desired rowid is for TABLE1 or for TABLE2
What DBMS are you using Carlos?
You have to use an alias..

SELECT table_1.[rowid]
FROM {TABLE1} table_1
INNER JOIN {TABLE2} table_2 ON table_1
.[ID_TABLE1] = table_2.[REF_TABLE1]

This should work.. I rewrote the query a little bit ;)

Yes. It works. thanks.