saving / recovering my data model

Im in thenprocess of building a little POC to see how outsystems works and got carried away. my data model now has over 25 entities init with lots of relationships etc. I started building screens using silk and dublin theme.. i didnt like the output so i thought i could just delete / remove the theme etc. wow its caused a bit of an issue and the module is probably messed up and confused. So i want to save what i have done re the data model and entities and just move it into another application / module and start again with no UI theme or maybe a different one. I cant find any simple way of dumping / saving my entities s i can reload them in another module/application. Is this right?. This is a faily simple thing to do in other tools i have used as its normally a database thing. How do i do this in this personal cloud solution.

Thanks in advance

Hi Gordon,

If I understand correctly, you would like to copy all your entities to another module so you don't have to build that module from scratch, is this correct? If this is the case, you would simply have to create the new module, select the entities you want to copy, and then copy and paste those entities.

Does it help? I worried that you are trying to move entities and data, if that's the case let me know...


I do have data in the tables which is the real issues as i want to copy across the records with values to help me test etc.


Hey Gordon, 

So, unfortunately there isn't an automated way to achieve this - actually there's an idea posted a while ago, so please take 5 seconds to vote on it here...

In fact, I did a little searching in the community and I found a pretty easy workarround for you posted by Rui:

It goes like this:
  1. Clone the core module
  2. Rename original module
  3. Rename cloned module
  4. In the core module remove what you do not need
  5. In the cloned module Reference the entities from the original module
  6. In the cloned module Find and replace the entities to point to the original one
  7. In the cloned module remove the entities

Let me know if this helps!

P.S. And by the way, would you mind answering a few questions about the forums. We would really to have your input on how to improve - here's the link

Hi Gordon,

Please consider and take a look into:

Contains recipes for refactoring issues like Moving one entity!

Hope it helps you!