I need path of file in the entity. is it possible ?
What file? In which entity?

I created file entity in my espace. There are three attribute file name, file type and content. I want to get content path in this entity values
It seems you are missing something... why you need the content path? The file is in database, isn't it?
Ozkan -

If you want to get the file path on the user's computer from when they uploaded the file, that will NOT happen unless they type it in. Browsers are designed to not provide that information (security, privacy, etc.).

If you want to get the file path on the server from where it was uploaded *to*, that will NOT happen either because, as Andre pointed out, it is stored in the database, not the local file system.

I need the content in the database and I solved. I used File_AppendBinary action. I set "C:\Windows\FileName" to Path. I can use that path.

Thank you