[CryptoAPI] Cant Publish Cryptop API Extension 1.6

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Published on 3 Mar (3 weeks ago) by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 3 Mar (3 weeks ago) by Ricardo Silva
Hi All,

i seem to have a problem when trying to publish Extension 1.6.

Some background 
My enterprise Enviroment is .Net flavour we do not have any Java stack setup. Therefore i excluded it from my compilation and i still could not compile the Exntension.

Platform Version

Appreciate if someone could assist me in this issue

Are you publishing using Integration Studio or in Service Center / Service Studio ?

What error are you getting ?
Hi Ricardo,

Publishing using Integration Studio,

the following are the error messages 

after clicking on yes,

we do dont have a Java enviroment setup
and when i exclude the J2EE soruce and compile i still get the error
Why not just publish directly from the Forge or using Service Center? This should work regardless of the setup in your workstation.

In any case you can always follow the instructions from here. Either:

- properly configure your java environment OR
- change the extension to be .Net only (found if you double click the Extention name)
thanks ricardo. i did it from service center. appreciate the help :)