building A menu

building A menu

Is there a simple way to build a simple drop down menu and then link the drop down items to a web page. All i can find is dragging a web screen to the menu to create the top level of the menu not a drop down version. How do i get the initial text into the menu for each drop down?.


Hi Gordon,

In short, open the Menu web block (by default, under screen flow Common), then add content to the MenuSubItems placeholder, under each top item.

Here's an example with this structure:

. Option 1
. Option 2 (click to expand)
. . . Option 2.1
. . . Option 2.2
. . . Option 2.2

See the attached video (drag & drop into Chrome / IE to play) showing how to build it.
See also this lesson from the Learn section of the Community.
cheers.. many thanks. After further messing around i think my espace might be a bit messed up. I there an easy way to transfer my data model and entities to a new espace so i can start again.
You can simply copy+paste what you need to the new one.
wow that simple.. great thanks..

any thanks.. yep it was issues with my espace when i tried to change themesmd flight and delete things etc. I must have broken some things all works fine in the new espace. Thanks very much for your help and guidance.