Why can't the 'Reuse & Monitor' permission view the Change Log in Lifetime?

I am curious why the permission 'Reuse & Monitor' from Lifetime does not allow you to view the change log from inside Lifetime. This would be very useful to us as we have one or two users that are in charge of running deployments and they are the only ones who can run deployments between environments in Lifetime, however viewing the change log is something we would like any of our developers to be able to view for debugging or tracking down issues with a deployment.

See the image below:

In the dropdown highlighted is where you can view the change log, but when logged in with 'Reuse & Monitor' you do not see it. Only when logged in with 'Administrator' permissions for that environment.

Is this another permission that I am not seeing or something I can set up so that a user can view this but not manage deployments?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello Brian,

first of all thanks for your question. Indeed the page that link takes you too has some information that should not be displayed to a user that has no access to administer the environment, for example, messages about changes done in users or roles.

Right now, for a user to be able to access that page he needs to either have Full Control over an environment or at least the ability to manage teams and roles.

So, no, you're not missing any configuration. We have received feedback about this same issue from other sources and we're analysing it. Still unable if and when it will be changed. 

As a workaround, it is possible to check a previous deployment if you save the URL for the page that shows the deployment going on.

Pedro Cardoso

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for clarifying this. I understand it is not possible currently and *may* be changed in the future. I'll see if providing this URL is a valid work around when we need this.

Thanks again.

We have the same situation. I completely agree with Brian Gall.