i would like to upgrade my outsystem version 6 to 9 can you please give me the point by point step to getting this done. when i try to implement this based on the article i am getting some error.. i think i have missed some step. so if you can elaborate everything by step by step then it will really good for me,


You need to define 'upgrade' a little better.  Which of the following are you attempting to do?

1) Upgrade a local platform server environment such as the old community edition?
2) Upgrade your development environment so you can use the personal edition?
3) Upgrade eSpaces that you created using 6.0?
4) Something else?

The solution will be different depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Hi Curt,

I want upgrade my development enviourment and platform server . we have developed some application by using outsystem 6.0 . i want to upgrade even that applications too.. please support me to getting done this,

Thanks in advance
I'm assuming that the platform server, version 6.0, is the Community Edition that Outsystems offered for free.  This version was discontinued with the 8.0 version so you cannot upgrade your local platform server to 9.0 as the software doesn't exist.  If you want a 9.0 version you must use the Personal Edition that Outsystems provides in their cloud.  Just go to the Outsystems home page and click the Try for Free button to set this up.  Once set up you can download and install the Development Environment for 9.0.

Assuming you do the upgrade I described you must export your application from the 6.0 development environment as ,oml files and the open those files in the 9.0 environment.  No guarantee that the conversion will be successful as three major releases is a big jump but it should work.

Hope this helps,
HI Curt,

The idea is i need to upgrade all outsystem 6.0 app to outsystem 9.0. as per your reply i understand i need to upgrade it to version 8 first and from there to version 9.0 right? and outsystem wont give a guarantee for this right?.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Prassin,

You should have read Curt's reply more carefully.
OutSystems Platform 9 is available only in two options: a paid Enterprise Subscription or the Personal Edition in the Cloud.
An intermediate upgrade to version 8 will not help you.
I'm writing just to clarify the "guarantee that the conversion will be successful".  You can upgrade any OutSystems application from version 6 to version 9, but to complete the upgrade you may need to change your application, as described in the Side Effects and Breaking Changes documentation.


Hi Joao ,

Thanks for your valuable reply. i have one more question . how can i upgrade my outsystem software version 6 to version 9. we have the certian license and all for those platforms. we are using version6.0 from the begining of 2013. do i need to uninstall everything of version6.0 and install version9.0? or i can use both simultaneously?

seeking your reply,,

Hello Prassin,

"OutSystems Platform 9 is available only in two options: a paid Enterprise Subscription or the Personal Edition in the Cloud."
You cannot install the "Personal Edition in the Cloud" on your server.
To install or upgrade a paid Enterprise Subscription, follow the Installation Checklist (e.g. 
http://www.outsystems.com/goto/checklist-9.1-NET for .NET version).