android studio error(outsystems now mod)

Im am trying develop a hybrid mobile app for andorid. when i  try to open android studio for the first time i get this error shown below
Andoid studio seems to be the recommended IDE for outsystems mobile app development as explained by the tutorial. Please is there any tutorial for customising outsystems now with eclipse becuase i am more comfortable with eclipse. Android studio tries to update the sdk from internet on the first launch and  it fails to  launch and post the error .it simply cant open.FYI. i use a high speed 20megabytepersec internet connection so i see know reason why it cant setup sdk and open properly.Please any alternative eclipse guide will be immensely appreciated.

for those who encountered this here ia solution below

  1. Open the folder bin under the directory where you installed your Android Studio.
  2. Find the file and open it with Notepad++UltraEdit, or other edit tools.
  3. Add as the final line and save the file.
  4. Restart Android Studio.
it will block the ide from updating sdk on first startup