Assignment 13.1 > Create the Mobile iAssetManager Application

when i performed the scaffold on Computer and Software, i do not see the save and cancel buttons in those screens, is this something i need to add manually?
Further more, when i tried displaying the list of installed softwares in the the Computer Detail, the links to add or delete software are no reflected. I also performed the scaffold when adding this list to the computer detail. Please help, not sure if i need to add the buttons/links manually, or were they suppose to be added automatically when scaffolding, just like when building an application that is not just for smart phones.

In my experience this is caused by having the entities in one eSpace and the web screens in a second eSpace where the entity property 'Read Only' is set to 'Yes'.  Since 'Yes' is the default this is a common occurance if you don't watch for it.  When an entity is read only, only one of the six available entity actions becomes available which allows you to only 'get' data records.  All other actions which are needed for updating the records are not available.  Service Studio recognizes this and creates read only versions of the web screens.  Change the 'Read Only' property to 'No', refresh the references and delete and redo the web screens and it should work as expected.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Curt,
After changing all 3 entities to Read Only = No, now i can see the buttons. However, when scaffolding the Software list in the Computer Detail, the only link available is the Delete Selected Software Computers, the Add Computer Software is not available in the mobile version of this app. Would you know why that is?
Sorry, I've never had a problem like that.  Hopefully someone else can help.
i wonder if this is because the "add software" is supposed to be a popup and maybe the mobile version does not handle popups?.