serious outsystems now source code compatibilty bug

Below is a snapshot of the error

I folllowed the instructions here to the minutest detail

i installed all the prerequites such as these 
Android SDK Tools 24
Android SDK Platform-tools 21
Android SDK Build-tools 21.1.2
Android SDK Build-tools 20 
Android 4.4W.2 SDK Platform 
Android 4.4.2 SDK Platform 
Android Support Repository
Android Support Library
Google Repository
Google USB Driver
Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator 

Everything was successfully setup until i go the error relating to the plugin.

Please any help with regards to solving this issue will be appreciated , i have been unable so far to six it .Thanks

Hi guys i have been ggogling about this issue but i am yet to find a solution.Is the compatibility error related to the particular outsystems  now source code version i used becuase i got the very latest source code from github.Please any insight to resolving this will go a long way.Thanks
Can you check the file of your project and make sure if the sdk dir is pointing to the same Android SDK directory where you installed the support repository. If it's not, please install the support repository there and try again.

Let me know if it worked for you.

Luís Silva

i Have checked it and it pointing to the right directory. i even reinstalled the entire ide plus the sdk and all the dependencies i listed above. i checked their directory path and havent detected anything strange or improperly configured.Thanks..
Hi Tmlewin, 

The outputted message states that you're missing the appcompat for version 19 and you can fix it by installing build tools version 19. For example:

Best regards,
João Gonçalves

oh ok.I will certainly give it a shot.Thanks João Gonçalves and Luís Silva, i will update you guys on the outcome.