Sending Email is not working on Google Chrome

Hey guys!
Im building an application on Outsystems.
And to send email, im using the email interface from Outsystem.
But when Im testing the application and I send an email with Google Chrome navigator,
it appears on the screen a message saying "the page is not available".
I mean, the email is sent, but the page doesnt load.
On the others navigators, it doesnt not happens.
Do you can help me? 
(sorry for my english, we can talk in portuguese if you want)

Hi Steph,

I can speak portuguese, but it's better to talk in english here, so others can help you too.

Can you share the oml? It's probally something that you are doing wrong along sending the email. Try to check the console on the other browsers. Maybe the error occurs but it has being ignored (except on chrome, when the error crashes the web screen).