Save Boolean Value From Master Detail Record

Save Boolean Value From Master Detail Record

I have a Master Detail that outsystems created when I did drag and drop of an entity to an Edit screen. In the table records, I have 200 records, and I only show 50 at one time. Let's say I want to delete records 22 (first page), 29 (first page), 57 (second page) and 199 (fourth page).

The problem I'm having is that whenver I click on the checkbox to put the value in "True" and I go to another page of the table records, the boolean values return to False.

Is there a way to save the boolean value and then execute the delete action to all the records where the boolean value is true?

Hi Bruno,

You can create a new boolean Attribute to the aggregate that populates your table records and bind the checkbox to it. So it will be binded to the table records variables (which have viewstate).

Hope it helps,