I've been watching the online videos to grow my knowledge of Outsystems and I was requested to develop a bookings app.

I know that there was (is?) a guide with some guidelines to help with the development of the app (I used it when I tried an older Outsystems version at an internship 2 years ago), and I would like to have access to that same guide so I can develop this application now using the full possibilities of Outsystems 9.

Is this possible?

Best regards,

Bruno Oliveira
i watch the online videos in September and in that time the vídeos it was in 8 version.

It could help if the guide will be in version 9, for new people that is beggining in OutSystems.

Best regards,
José Fernandes 

Could you give me a direct link?

Hey Bruno, 

I believe this http://www.outsystems.com/course/developer-foundation/ is the guide you're requesting.