Email Process to send email on every other thursday(biweekly)

Hello experts,

I am having little confusion as how to set the timer on the email that is sent now to just only on every other thursday.

I am new to Outsystems and not sure how can I proceeed with this. Can anyone please help me, is there any samples available now.
This seems like an extremely odd requirement.  If all the logic executes every day but the ToPayroll message is only sent every other week won't you be missing a lot of the activity performed by UpdateRider on all those other days?

I'm confused,
Suppose if I am taking off the email to Payroll from the action and put it in an action seperately. And just send them the details only every two weeks specifically only on thursday.

I have table with the  users information that is sent to payroll. I need to automte by sending the table information every two weeks on thursday. I have done anything with Timers or Process. Is there any other sample or applicaion which can explain in how set them up. How can this be done.

Yes, split out the stuff that is only every two weeks into a separate action.  Call that action with a timer that runs every Thursday.  Make a boolean Site Variable called PayRollRun with an initial value of True.  In your action have an if statement testing PayRollRun.  If true, run the email process and set PayRollRun to false.  If false, set PayRollRun to true and end the process.  That should work.

That is what I am little worried, I have never worked with timer or process.I am new to the concept and not really know how to start with.  It would be great if you can refer me to some sample or example.
A simple search for 'timer' on the Outsystems site shows this from the product help -  While most of the people on this forum are willing to help, you need to do a little work too.  There's a ton of information in the product help and on the Outsystems web site.  Do some searches and try some stuff.  If after that effort you still can't figure it out, then post a specific question and you'll get better results.

Hope this helps,
Hello Curt,

I am sorry I am trying things but little stuck, thought if there is any sample I can learn from it. When I try to set the schedule for the action. I am not able selectbiweekly. It is either daily or weekly or watever is shown in the pop up, that is confusing me little.

I didn't say to set it for bi-weekly.  I said to set it for every Thursday.  (You can use any time you want)  

If you do that and follow the rest of my instructions it should accomplish what you want.