how to pass two values in dropdown

how to pass two values in dropdown

how to show the two fields in dropdown,i mean how to show two fields in dropdown ,for example drop down must show last name and firstname both ,in a dropdown
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Check this component:

This is a autocomplete solution, but I hope it achieve your needs.

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If that's not what you're looking for, the only thing you can do is compose it yourself. That means, have a structure with the required fields (Id and FullName or the like), and fill it with the desired value. Note that on Platform 9.1, you can do that quite easily by using a ListAppendAll and mapping the appropriate attributes.
If you don't need a full solution like Autocomplete, the easy way to get this is to change the Source Attribute property of the drop down.  Currently you probably just have LastName (or whatever the entity attribute name is).  Change that to LastName + ", " + FirstName and you'll see both names in the drop down.  Be sure the Variable property still has the Id entity attribute for the entity.
@Curt: cool, I didn't know you could do that. Is that (relatively) new?
Oops I was wrong and Kilian is correct.  I tried using my method and I thought it worked but I had to create a structure also.  Damn I hate getting old.

Did not understood . You see the 3rd dropdown on top in that i want the both firstname ,lastname to show together .

and do the serching

Please share your sample OML file.

I have the feeling that you are trying to do relatively advanced things without knowing very much about the OutSystems platform. What I wrote above is fairly basic stuff. If you don't understand that, please do whatever you can to improve your skills on the platform. We're not here to baby spoon feed you.

Assuming you are populating the combo with the results of an aggregate you can achieve what you want by creating a calculated column on the aggregate that concatenates first name and last name. See here how to do it.
Then when you populate the properties of the combo box just select this new attribute instead of first name. Leave the Variable pointing to the Id as someone said above.

Thanx ,it has been working fine now 
here have a look