What happens when you redeploy an espace that is running a timer?


in a Java stack of the platform what happens when you have an espace running a timer and, at the same time, you do a redeploy of that same espace? It's a farm configuration, so several front-end are involved...

It happened to me right now and I think a lock was generated in the DB and I'm waiting for it to time out...
Hi João , you might have hit a bug. I noticed the included this fix in its report:

  • Fixed database connections not being properly released when undeploying an application (#1066428)
what is the platform server version you have installed ?
Maybe upgrade


Hi Luís,

we are currently running v.

The timer ran for a couple of iterations without doing nothing and eventually it recovered...

I changed a site property that controls a query max records and did redeploy without checking if the timer was running or not.