development of risk matrix object

development of risk matrix object

I have two static entries holding my impact and probability values (1-5) and i want to produce a 5*5 matrix with 1 axis showing impact and 1 probability. I would like the end user to have the ability to click on a bo on this matrix and the system to update the fields holding the probability and impact in my risk record. Is this possible in outsystems ?

See example image attached

thanks in advance

Yes Gordon, it's possible...

The simplest possible way would be to create a 5*5 table to a page. Each cell would have a link to a screen action that would then do the risk record update. This would be the easiest method for you to get your head around the mechanics of OutSystems Platform...

If this is something to consider, then you could work on the layout and colors.

Alternatively, a Table Records with 5 columns could also do the trick.