Issue with the EnabledDays in the Calendar widget

I am using the Enabled days in the Calenadr widget , the enabled days are the days when the data load happens. Data Load dates are stored in the entity and whenever the dataload happended those dates needs to be enabled in calendar. I am using the action to select those dates in

The issue is it display the dates in when the dataload happened in 2015 even in this 2016. When I debug and see the JSONValidDate it is like

Now the problem is it selects these date even in 2016, but these dates dataload happened in 2015.

So I added year year to variable and the value is

And it doesnot work, It doesnot open the calendar. I am really stuck and not sure how to proceed with this. This is in production and I am not able to move forward. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Can anybody please help me with this.