I want to update the data in entities. And I have uploaded the data from Excel file.
Is there an easy to update the data? Thanks a lot.
I mean I have used the Excel file as the config file. When I modify the data in Excel. I want use the new Excel to update the entities. It seems I must use SQL to remove the old data before upload the new Excel file.
If you look at the logic for the Bootstrap process, the first thing it checks is if there are any records already in the table and if so, the process ends doing nothing.  It does this to insure that data isn't loaded twice.  To update the data using a similar bootstrap process would require a lot of work.  If you insert a record in Excel, how can you compare against the old data to make sure you update/insert the correct record.  Same issue with delete.  If there is some identifying field you could do it but it would still be a significant effort.

What I've done in the past is to add an Advanced Query to the beginning of the Bootstrap process.  In that Advanced Query use the following syntax.

DELETE FROM {<entity>}

Replace <entity> with the actual name but be sure to include the curly braces.  This will delete all the old data and then your Bootstrap will upload the new data.

Hope this helps,