[Excel Package] Issue on Cell_WriteByIndex

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Published on 2018-08-02 by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 2018-08-02 by Carlos Alfaro
Hi guys,

Just to share with you guys,  that in the current version of this extension, there is a small bug on the action Cell_WriteByIndex:

As we can see in the call to MssCell_WriteByIndexWithFormat the 3º input parameter is not the ssCellType but instead should be the ssCellValue.

Best Regards
Nelson Braga

This feedback was helpful for a problem I was having.

I discovered the same issue. Is there a fix available yet?
Hello :)

I believe the issue is now solved and fixed on the most recent and stable version of the component (version 1.1.0). You can get there through the following url:


Best regards,
Nuno Santos