List timers Effective Schedule via SQL

Hi all,

I'm trying get a list of timers (Effective Schedule) and respective espace. via SQL (is there any other away beside going espace to espace?)

Using something like this:

select mcj.NAME as 'Timer', e.NAME as 'ESPACE', cj.SCHEDULE, 'Cant get EFFECTIVE SCHEDULE'
from OutSystems.dbo.ossys_Espace  e with(nolock)
inner join [OutSystems].[dbo].ossys_Meta_Cyclic_Job mcj with(nolock) on mcj.ESPACE_ID = e.ID
inner join [OutSystems].[dbo].[ossys_Cyclic_Job] cj with(nolock) on cj.META_CYCLIC_JOB_ID = mcj.ID
where e.NAME LIKE 'PAR_%'

Effective Schedule
Hi Hugo,

It is possible to do that via SQL, like you're doing using the platform's metamodel, but better yet you should check out the Timer Map component available in the Forge. It will give you exactly what you're looking for: all timers in the environment and respective eSpaces with visual information on their executions and schedules.