SLOWSQL log messages, Execution plans, Recursive CTEs

Is there any way to see which query/SQL is causing SLOWSQL messages in the General Log in a Personal environment?  Almost all of the messages relate to DBRuntimePlatform.DequeueEvent with no eSpace in the eSpace column, and don't mention a particular query.  I see frequent such events, with times between 200ms and 450ms, and I have a hunch what they might relate to, but it would be great to know for sure.  The UX isn't as snappy as I'd like, so I'd like to correlate the log messages with the UX speed concerns.

Related question:
Is it possible to see any query execution plan outputs in the Personal env?  Normally I would follow my hunch of which query is slow and go look at the execution plan, but I don't think we have access to that right?

Further background:
The application is centred around a hierarchical/tree/linked-list type relationship in the main entity tables and I need to represent that relationship in almost every screen (ie it is rare that I want to show an entity row without showing where it sits relative to the hierarchy/linked list).  The data is relatively dynamic so caching the data (either via the Cache in Minutes option or manually in a DB table [yuck] is probably not the best/full solution

I use an Advanced Query with recursive CTE type SQL as the preparation for the relevant screens.  There are aspects of the query that bother me from a performance perspective, but that is only a hunch.  Recursion shouldn't be a performance problem per se, but maybe there are other things in the query that are sub-optimal.  Eg largely because of SQL code maintenance reasons I use a single query for many purposes, and so it carries around a larger number of fields than most of its uses require, and has a larger number of filter LIKE clauses than ideal for any single use of the query.  I *think* I have the right indexes but I normally discover that I don't by looking at an execution plan, which I don't think I have access to (right?).  Anyway, hard to troubleshoot these log messages and performance concerns without the tools, so checking what I do and don't have access to.
Hi there,

The DBRuntimePlatform.DequeueEvent query is a system query which is not used by your application and should not have a negative impact in runtime performance.

This query is a part of our Business Process Technology model and is executed thousands of times per day ( should be executed every 1.5 seconds ). If you are not seeing this amount of slow queries for this query it means that only a small percentage of the query is being "slow".

Usually, development related slow queries are identified as being in a particular module and the name lets you know exactly where they are. For instance, a query named GetEmployees in the Employee_List screen's preparation will show up as Employee_List.Preparation.GetEmployees.List in the General log for slow queries.

In a personal environment you do not have direct access to the database, and therefore you will not be able to do an advanced database analysis like looking at execution plans for optimization.
Thanks Ricardo.  Out of interest, is it more common to see slow DequeueEvent messages in personal environments vs enterprise?  Ie is this a resource issue or essentially a false positive seen in most env specification levels?
We don't closely monitor personal environments for this kind of things, but I would say that given the shared nature of personal environments, it's more likely that there is extra load on the database / server which is making for some delayed execution on some of these high frequency queries.
Got it, thanks.