Table Record with dynamic column span

We have a calendar of application dates. 

I have a new requirements such that the calendar should display a note across all columns if there is a note in the note field.  A note field will contain data if there are no application dates.

My current calendar looks like:

The output looks like this:

And i need it to look like this:

Any direction on how i might get there?

Hi Tammy,

I see no differences between the last two images, except the words "Note goes there"... but if I got it right, If you wish the columns to expand according to the content, you'll have to work with CSS. 

If you want the cells to resize depending on the content, then you must not specify a width to the table, the rows, or the cells. If you don't want word wrap, assign the CSS style white-space: nowrap to the cells.

Hope it helps.
Tammy -

Since you are looking to change colspan and not simply wrapping...

In the second cell (for "Jan") in the row, go to "Extended Properties" and add an Extended Property named "colspan". It's "value" should be something like:

If(Table.List.Current.Record.Note = "", 1, 12)

That will give that first cell the dynamic colspan you need.

Then, in the other 11 cells (Feb - Dec), have an Extended Property named "style", with a value like:

If(Table.List.Current.Record.Note = "", "", "display:none;")

That will hide the other 11 cells if the note is displayed, so it doesn't shift everything over.