Grid Line Heigth Modify


I'am developing an application using Dublin Template of Silk UI-Framework. Can someone help me to lower the heigth of the grid line? I attached a printscreen. If I don't put a input field (the last column in figure) the heigth stay good. But if I insert a Input Data Field within the grid, as showed in attachement, the line grows with large spaces sourround the field. I tried several CSS commands line-heigth in styles and in the grid-theme, but without success.



it's not the grid you are looking for.
it's imho the tablerecords?

check with developer tools in chrome...


Yes, I'm using a tablerecords widget where the source data is a record list local variable. If I have only output fields with 'x,y Operation' widget, the line heigth is ok. But, when I insert in a column of the table record an input data widget to allow the user filling data into the record list, the 'heigth' grows and i do not get control it.


Hello Roberto,
You can decrease the size of input in the following style:

But if you want to be more specific I recomend you to to use the following code
.TableRecords input[type="text"] {
       /* your styles */

Best Regards,
José Rosário
Hi José,

This suggestion works.

Thank you very much,