Enhanced features Outsystems REST consume - good work!

Outsystems just keeps getting better and better by the day! I really like what you guys did with REST consume!

1) You can now consume outsystems exposed methods with a single click! 

2) You can also now test a method within the outsystems service studio! without publishing (big time saver)

Fantastic! Wish I used more REST services now... doing a ton of work with SOAP though. :(

Get with the time! It's time to upgrade! ;)
Look at who I work for, think about who our clients are. One of our biggest day-to-day pain points is how OutSystems doesn't produce a PERFECT WSDL, because our customers want/need/demand that a WSDL basically be 100% accurate in terms of what's mandatory and other similar things. It's how they write code, it's how they interface with the world. Our customers won't be REST-ready for decades, quite likely, and they'll fight it the whole way there.

ServiceStudio should now check to see if the swagger.json file has changed (If it change it would notify the user, to refresh the REST service! - just like SOAP but for REST!)