How to include values in an Excel Sheet that is different from the Structure?

 How do I export the 1st sheet to be the same as the one in the current screen? Currently, the 2 boxes being highlighted are from different tables and with different fields. In Exporting excels to outsystems, Rule is that the data to be exported must be in the same table or as the structure is built.

Outsystem's advanced excel cannot handle this type of functionality as of current date. Rule should be followed that the data to be exported must be in the same table.
But is it possible to create a formula that the 2 tables from the image that i attached in my post to be in the same sheet? Also, can the total amount be added in the same sheet?

If you want to combine two tables, you'll need to create a structure specific to the output and create a list for that structure. If you need to add a total, you'll need to add a dummy record to the end of the list, with a calculated total. The platform Excel export is very basic, you can't do advanced stuff. For that, you'll need an extension (I think there are several in the Forge).