OutSystems Now - Activating breakpoints?

OutSystems Now - Activating breakpoints?

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I have a mobile application that uses OS Now to get the GPS coords of the device. I'm using these coords to get a response from Google's Places API. I can get the coordinates just fine (on an iOS device - not on my Android phone), but when trying to submit to Google I get an empty response. Naturally, I added some breakpoints, but it would appear that I can't get them to fire when entered in OutSystems Now. Does anyone know how to debug when an application runs in OS Now? 

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Bumping because I still have this issue - when accessing an application on my phone either through browser or OS Now, my breakpoints do not get activated. I really need to get this working, as I'll likely need to debug mobile as well in the future. 

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Just to be sure: when you open the page in a browser that runs on a random desktop, the breakpoints do get hit?

Yes, like Killian implied breakpoint only stops if the browser is on the same machine as Service Studio (excptions on non user triggered things like processes, timers, webservices).
This is a limitation placed to prevent multiple developers from getting blocked by other developers breakpoints, with no idea who.

I'm hopping to drop that restriction in the next major version since like you noticed it breaks completly the mobile debugging patterns.

As workaround on a mobile browser you can use the Run operation and debug on your Personal Area (the url gets an extra /YourUsername/). Personal areas are not affected by these restrictions.
...not sure how to do it in OutSystems Now to use it though.

João Rosado
Hey Killian, 

Yes, in a browser there were no issues, but I just happened to fix this 15mins ago. The problem was with a reference (namely the TokyoTheme) having outdated references. I refreshed and republished every outdated reference used and that fixed it. Sorry for the spam and thanks for the reply! :)