Warning, configure the Database Catalogs for the listed eSpaces.

I am deploying a application in to an environment for the first time. It shows me the warning and stopped deployment
"There is one or more eSpaces with missing configuration which may lead to publishing errors. Please configure the Database Catalogs for the listed eSpaces."

But the thing is the database catalog is create and exist in the environment how do I configure now.

Please help me out. Thanks
Hi v,

The problem isn't that you have configured the catalogue, but that there are multiple catalogues, so the platform cannot decide where to put the eSpaces. Iirc, Service Center allows you to select the right catalogue from the screen displaying the warnings/errors.
Thanks Kilian I was able to choose the Catalog from the warning message
Great to here!
Can you please help me with the SiteRules
here = hear, obviously. Damn!

As for site rules, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.